03 Jan, 2011

Google pokes Canadian e-commerce

How many times have you been frustrated by seeing the latest technology on the TV and then finding out that it won't be coming to Canada anytime soon?

Google's new director for Canada, Chris O'Neill, is promising that Canadians might even get a crack at some of Google's new innovations first in the future. He points out that while Canadian web users are keen to use new technologies, the much smaller market due to population and the slowness of the Canadian business world to adopt these technologies, does impact on Canada being overlooked for technology rollouts.

O'Neill acknowledges that Canada is far behind other countries in technology roll-outs but he also highlighted e-commerce and the dire lack of e-commerce websites in the Canadian market. With that lack of e-commerce websites he makes the point that the overall quality of e-commerce in Canada is also less than impressive.

But it's not all gloom and doom, many Canadian businesses are finally understanding that the internet is a great sales tool. Some are using it as their only selling method, eschewing bricks and mortar for online sales only. However there are still a lot of businesses ignoring the benefits that an e-commerce website can provide for their bottom line.

Why your business needs a website:

  • You can showcase your goods or services to the widest number of potential customers
  • Updates to your website are quick and easy, hard copy brochures require reprinting
  • Nearly everyone uses search engines e.g. Google or Bing to locate goods or services they need
  • You can display as much of your business online as you want without worrying about print costs
  • Potential customers like to see what you offer from the comfort of their home or office
  • Your competitor has one…
  • … so at the very least you need a small business website a.k.a. brochure website

E-commerce isn't as expensive as you might think either. At Blue Hut we specialize in building Content Management System (CMS) websites using Drupal™ and Magento™ that enable businesses to control their website content without needing to keep paying their website company for updates, and that includes e-commerce websites too.

With a CMS website clients can have an e-commerce store that they add or update content to whenever they feel like it. Need a new section for a new range of products? Simple, create it yourself. Need to change prices, update stock levels, change descriptions or images? Simple, do the changes yourself at your convenience.

Contact Blue Hut and talk to us about your e-commerce needs. We have over 49 years combined experience in developing for the internet and software industry including content management systems and e-commerce.