06 Aug, 2011

Happy Birthday to the internet

20 years ago today the first World Wide Web page went live to the public, an event that passed most people by unless they were deep into the world of networked computers or computer engineering.

Love it or hate it, the internet is one of the most important events the World has seen, ranking up there with; the Big Bang (0), extinction of the dinosaurs (65x10^6 BC), invention of the wheel (3500 BC), coffee first consumed (800 AD), Magna Carta (1215), Gutenberg's printing press (1455), Columbus finding the Americas (1492), Columbus finding chocolate (1502), Stephenson's Rocket (1825), silicon chip invention (1959) and many more fantastic events.

British physicist Tim Berners-Lee first proposed the World Wide Web in 1989, two short years later it was a reality. Since that time we've gone from snail mail to email, tinned spam to electronic spam, being truly "out of the office" to being online 24/7, limited social groups to worldwide social media, and when a butterfly flaps its wings on the other side of the world someone is posting the video of it on YouTube one second later.

Some things we take for granted, the internet is certainly one. So today just spare 8 seconds to be thankful to the great god of internet that dominates our lives so forcefully.

Why 8 seconds? Because experts say some of us now have that short an attention span since the internet took hold of our lives. So remember, if your website isn't providing an attention hook the minute it's visited then "click" and it's gone.