02 Jul, 2013

Google Reader alternatives

If you have been a devoted user of Google Reader to keep up-to-date with the enormous amount of new data that hits the internet every day, then you were no doubt sad this morning that after eight years of service it was retired by Google.

Not that it came as a shock, Google did give three months notice of its impending doom, and also provided the opportunity for users to export their data for use in another news aggregator.

Why did Google retire their Reader? Well, quite simply, usage declined, plus they wanted to concentrate on less applications. There are many other aggregators available, free or subscription, and supporting something for the benefit of a few devotees isn't economically sensible.

If you missed the switch off date and still have data to export, then you have until July 15, 2013 to do it using Google Takeout.


All is not lost, there are many alternatives available, you simply need to decide what you want in an aggregator/RSS feed reader, whether you want to pay for its services, or whether you want a free service, a few are listed below:

Cost: free
Platforms: Web, iOS, Android

Cost: free or annual fee versions
Platforms: Web, iOS, Android

Digg Reader
Cost: free
Platforms: Web, iOS

Cost: free, but premium version planned
Platforms: Web, Chrome OS (Android and iOS planned)

The Old Reader
Cost: free
Platforms: Web

AOL Reader
Cost: free while in beta
Platforms: Web, (iOS and Android planned)

Cost: free (donations welcome)
Platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux

Obviously the list above is not exhaustive, nor are they guaranteed not to be retired at some point in the future, or change platforms supported either.

At Blue Hut we transferred to using Feedly when Google announced its Reader aggregator was going to retire, so we've had a few months of experience with it. We like it, though there may be better alternatives available, however it suits our needs. But everyone is different, just like the aggregators, so you may need to try a few until you find the perfect match for you and your needs.