26 Jun, 2013

The internet needs more cat photos

It sometimes appears that the internet was developed purely for cute cat photos and videos, for example, look at Charlie Schmidt's Keyboard Cat on YouTube, he was the original, and over 31 million YouTube views later he has what every cat aspires to... fame, adoration and millions of copycats (sorry, pun not intended).

With that in mind, the Snapcat app has been developed to allow fame hungry felines to take "selfies" (self-portraits posted online). A rapidly moving icon attracts the cats attention, then if the cat touches the screen a photo is taken, and another cat photo is ready to hit the World Wide Web.

The developers who created it report that the free app, currently for Android only, has already been downloaded more than 10,000 times. The drawback is that users need the photo-sharing app EyeEm in order for the Snapcat app to work.

Although there are existing games for cats who own iPads or other tablets, this is the first opportunity they have for self-expression. And after all, the internet can never have enough cat photos.

Scooter the Magnificent trying an abstract pose.