24 Jan, 2013

We don't just build new websites

We don't expect all clients that come to us to want a new website. In fact we perform content maintenance on existing websites that we didn't build, whether regular or one-off, for a lot of clients.

You also don't need to host your website with us to use our website content maintenance services. As long as you can give us your website hosting login details, tell us what you want us to do, then we'll do the rest, normally within 24 hours for small changes, or we'll give you an anticipated timescale for larger scale modifications.

Why have regular website maintenance? Well, search engines love a website that doesn't look abandoned. So this means that updating content on a regular basis will earn you brownie points with the search engines, and that's definitely a good thing.

Contact information changes, business moves location, opening hours, services or products offered change, a super cool widget has just been added to your business portfolio, and of course search engine requirements are always changing... there are many good reasons to perform regular content maintenance on your website.

The benefit of up-to-date website content to your existing customer base or potential customers is huge. If they see you sell it, do it, make it or offer any other service they want, then the benefit to your business is immeasurable.

If you have a Content Management System website e.g. built with Drupal™ or Joomla™, or eCommerce site e.g. built with Magento™, then you're on a home run, you can do most changes yourself, or we're happy to do them for you if time is a little on the short side.

If you have a static/brochure style website, or Flash, then you probably need a little assistance. That's where we come in, with the exception of Flash... sorry, we don't support Flash websites.

We can update most websites, again sorry... no Flash. We're happy to do content changes to your website on a one-off basis, or we can perform regular content maintenance whenever you request an update.

Make your website visitors, potential customers and the search engines love your website, why not contact us, 403 621-3747 to update it.