06 May, 2014

How to fetter the Twitter hogs

Social media can be great, especially in times of crisis, like natural or man-made disasters, but it's also prone to the Twitter hog. What is a Twitter hog? It's the person who feels they need to tweet every few seconds or minutes about things they perceive to be interesting to everyone following them. For example, do you really want a blow by blow account of every second of the X Factor final if you'd rather poke your eyes out with red hot pokers than watch it?

To help save us from the Twitter Hogs a new feature is being trialled by the social media giant, the ability to mute those accounts that are hogging your feed.

There is already a block function available, but in my mind why not just unfollow them? Anyway, the mute function is intended as more of a temporary option. There have been third-party Apps available to do this for some time, however Twitter have decided to trial their own.

While this feature isn't available yet to all Twitters users, just the select few who are trialling it, it might come in very useful when your Twitter feed seems to be exclusively hogged by an over-prolific tweeter.