14 Oct, 2015

Social media stats to make you think

First of all let me mention that I can't take credit for finding this video, it cropped up during a course I'm studying at the University of Calgary. It's only short, just 2:18, so it's worth sparing less than 3 minutes out of your day to watch it. The video is called Social Media Revolution 2015.

Okay, so now you've watched the video you're probably questioning some of those facts. Well here's a recap of those facts including links to stats supporting them.

A shocking fact to me was that "More people own a mobile device than a toothbrush." So I Googled it to be sure, and there's certainly a lot of results devoted to proving or disproving this fact. Here's one article that I particularly liked "Are There REALLY More Mobile Phones Than Toothbrushes?"

So I guess the thought for the day is, what does social media now contribute to us in positive and negative ways? While we have less of an attention span than a goldfish, and presumably more people with bad teeth, we also have access to anything in the world that we want to know--most of the time. We have the means to network, investigate, support, locate, buy, sell, and be embarrassed by our parents posting something uncool on our timeline.

Embrace the social media force, it's not as dark as we might think.


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