20 Apr, 2015

Is your site mobile-friendly? If not, Google has a nasty surprise for you

From April 21 Google is changing the way it treats websites on mobile searches.

Put simply, if your website doesn't pass Google's mobile-friendly test your site will not feature as prominently as it used to on mobile device searches.

It also means that if your business depends on your website being found in a Google search, you could find your site plummeting quite significantly if it's not optimised for mobile devices.

With the use of smartphones for web searches increasing at an exponential rate, Google has made this change to give preference to websites that have been optimised for the mobile user experience. Mobile-friendly site requirements include the website fitting across the screen width, suitable text size, easily clickable links, reduced data hungry graphics etc.

Google has said that this change will have "a significant impact in our search results." And all websites, including online retail and sites where online reservations are made, will notice a change in their search result positions if they aren't optimised for mobile device use.

example mobile-friendly test results

If you want to check out how mobile-friendly your website is Google have provided access to their Mobile-Friendly Test. Simply put your URL in the box and hit ANALYZE. The results will tell you if your website is acceptable to their new rules, or if it will be penalised in mobile search results for not being mobile-friendly.

We have significant experience in creating mobile-friendly (responsive) websites. Examples of our mobile-friendly sites include www.gearupsport.com, www.johnlouishome.ca, www.thebluehut.com,

If you want to take your website to the next level by becoming mobile-friendly, and increasing the benefit to your business, call us on (403) 621-3747. Or use our contact form to discuss how we can help you avoid the impact that Google's latest algorithm change will bring to your website search result ranking.

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