28 Oct, 2015

Taking the pain out of social media posting

If you're using social media for business purposes you may, or may not, know that all those laborious posts you put on Facebook don't necessarily get seen by people in your friends list, or by all the people who have "liked" your business page.

This issue also includes other social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. When you post something on most social media only a fraction of the people following you will get to see that item; either because it's being throttled, like Facebook does, or there's so much chatter on people's feeds they miss the item.

Regular posting is therefore essential if your business is using social media to drive sales, feet in the door, enquiries etc. But it can become a burden that many individuals, or companies, just don't have the manpower to address. However, there are solutions, for example Edgar.

This is how Edgar can help you. Edgar is a social media queuing system which you fill up with posts you want to make; it feeds those posts to select social media based on the schedule you've set.

Using a social media queuing system

How does Edgar work? You build a library of all the social media updates you want to make and categorise them. Then create a schedule for those categories and Edgar publishes the content of those categories; continuously pulling items from them to keep the posts rolling, then storing the posted item back in your library until the category is empty. Once the category is empty Edgar pulls the items back out of the library and starts the process again—because only a tiny proportion of people saw them the first time around.

Many people are worried that re-publishing a post will lose them followers because it's a repeat post. However, that's fairly unlikely because your followers possibly didn't see the original post in the first place due to it only being displayed to a select few, or other social media application reasons.

There are other social media scheduling tools available, and I'm not recommending or endorsing Edgar over any of these other tools. But it's good to know that your social media burdensome blues can indeed be solved. Edgar currently works with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but of course nothing in this life is free, after a 14 day free trial Edgar will need paying—just like any employee.

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