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Gear Up Sports

Gear Up Sports in Canmore, Alberta approached us to rebuild their existing Drupal Content Management System (CMS) website. The existing website already allowed customers to reserve sports equipment online so Gear Up was looking for a new look to the site, as well as an enhanced reservation form that would allow additional information to be entered at the reservation stage—thereby streamlining the pickup process on the day of rental. The site also needed to be mobile device friendly (responsive).

The criteria for the new reservation form was it needed to include all their rental gear available, but keep the form as clean as possible to avoid customers feeling overwhelmed by a mass of rental equipment. We solved this by allowing renters to choose their rental package from a dropdown menu; depending on the item selected the reservation form automatically adjusts to display the additional information required for that particular item.

Making the site mobile-friendly, including the reservation form, means that customers can easily book their rental equipment while on the move or on vacation.

With a Drupal CMS website Gear Up staff can update the site information and rental equipment to suit their needs and timescales from any location.

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