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The Grizzly Paw Pub & Brewing Company

We were delighted to be awarded the project to rebuild The Grizzly Paw Pub & Brewing Company's website as it is such an iconic part of Canmore, Alberta's mountain and recreation style.

Built using Django, an open source web framework, the Content Management System website is easy to update using a simple web browser interface. It was important that the website was easy to use, clean, and mobile-friendly (responsive) as visitors to the Bow Valley are often looking for somewhere to eat and drink while on the road, and also maybe check out a brewery tour. The website links to a third party application that allows restaurant and brewery tour reservations to be made.

We also built a Finder application that lists pubs, restaurants, liquor stores, etc. that sell The Grizzly Paw's beer and soda. Working by geolocation it requests the user to share their current location, then it will display all the various options for beer and soda purchase in that locality. Clicking on any of the premises shown on the map will indicate the name, address, phone number, and whether they sell beer, soda, or both.

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