Django™ & Wagtail Content Management System (CMS) web applications

Django™ is a web framework that in conjunction with Wagtail, an open source CMS backed by a global community, can be used to create CMS sites with complex functionality. The benefit to you is that you get a sophisticated site with an easy-to-use interface for managing content.

We work with clients to build and maintain easy to use Django™ websites in Canmore, Banff, Calgary, and across Canada; providing you with the control you need to keep your website up-to-date.

Django™ has a number of benefits to you as a client, and to us as site developers; benefits that enable us to efficiently produce advanced websites in a cost effective manner for your business—giving you a budget-friendly solution.

Django™ CMS advantages:

  • Open Source software; no license fees required for its use.
  • Modular in design; enabling it to be extended to meet your specific requirements.
  • Proven platform; NASA, National Geographic, Pinterest, Instagram, The Guardian.
  • Actively developed; community of software developers constantly providing input.
  • No vendor lock-in; you are not locked into a single web design company. Read our blog What is a CMS website? for more information on the benefits of open source against proprietary.

At Blue Hut we can build you a website with Django™, creating the perfect site for your business needs.

Whether you want a small website where you can update your own content, or you are looking to build a more complex website with advanced features, Django™ can provide the solution.

We are also happy to maintain CMS sites that were built by other agencies. So if, for whatever reason, you are looking for a new partner to continue to develop your existing CMS website we can help.

Call Helen or Nigel on (403) 621-3747 or email us to discuss your CMS or web application needs.