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  • Do you want to sell online?
  • Do you need help understanding e-commerce?
  • Do you want to make e-commerce work for your business?
  • Is your existing e-commerce site performing poorly?

Does your business now need to sell one product or thousands of products online? If so, we are experienced in e-commerce applications tailored to meet your specific business needs; providing e-commerce solutions for clients in Canmore, Banff, Calgary, and across Canada.

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According to the Government of Canada's website Canada Business Network, not only is "e-commerce in Canada a billion-dollar industry" [1], but figures produced by Statistics Canada show that consumers still continue their shift from buying in physical stores to purchasing items online. With that in mind, can you afford not to tap into the e-commerce market?

We develop e-commerce solutions for businesses using either the Magento™ e-commerce platform, or the Django™ web framework — depending on your business requirements. Both of these solutions are Open Source, meaning that you are not subject to vendor lock-in, unlike if you chose to go with a proprietary e-commerce solution.

We also have the experience to deliver integration of your website with back-end business data if required—whether that is utilizing 3rd party software, or developing custom software for your specific needs.

Once your e-commerce site is up and running we will train you to operate it yourself; this gives you total control over your website content including products, prices, etc. Or, if you prefer, we can run the e-commerce side of the business for you.

And if your existing e-commerce site is failing to perform or doesn't bring in the revenue you are aiming for, we can review your current solution and make recommendations on how to improve performance and sales.

Call Helen or Nigel on (403) 621-3747 or email us to discuss your e-commerce needs.

1. Canada Business Network http://www.canadabusiness.ca/eng/blog/entry/4778/