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Increase business by exploiting the internet

  • Is your existing web presence under performing?
  • Can't find your site listed in the search results?
  • Is your business making the best use of social media?
  • Don't know what social media is?

We work on online marketing projects for clients in Canmore, Banff, Calgary, and across Canada. We can help you by taking a look at your business and your existing web presence. From this we'll assess what web marketing opportunities are appropriate for you and produce a report of any recommendations we make.

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We'll also explain how different web marketing techniques work, including contextual advertising and affiliate schemes.

If you're interested in using Google Adwords we can set up and administer a campaign for you, customised to your advertising budget. Using Google Adwords your business can geo-target Google search users by displaying your advert in a prime Google search results position; click-throughs can then be converted into those all important sales.

If you're up for it we'll help you implement an internet marketing strategy and show you how best to operate your website and internet presence, or if you prefer, we'll run it for you.

Email us to discuss your online marketing needs.