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Just need some updates?

  • Is your existing site content out-of-date?
  • Do you need regular content updates?
  • Do you want to add new pages or features to your site?
  • Do you need some help with content writing?
  • Don't have coding skills or a CMS to make changes yourself?

We work on website maintenance projects for clients in Canmore, Banff, Calgary, and across Canada. Because we don't just build new websites, and we don't expect everyone that contacts us to need a new site, we also offer content maintenance services for existing sites that we didn't build.

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If you're no longer working with your original developers but need to add new functionality to an existing site, we can help you with that; which also means you can get more value for money from your existing website. Just give us the login details to your existing website hosting service and the content changes you want made, we'll do the rest.

Why update site content? With a website the potential customer base is huge, if they see you sell it, do it, host it, or make it, then they want to know the most current information. Site users don't want to see tickets for an event that was 3 months ago, or find out the really great widget advertised for sale is already sold out. They want up-to-date information and they want it now.

Current information is key for a website. Search engines love websites that don't look abandoned as they like to chew on regular new content, plus it helps them to rank your site—the higher the better.

Short on time or need help writing content? We also offer copywriting services, so you don't need to create search engine optimised content yourself. Just give us a few sound bites or scribbles, and we'll do the rest for you.

If you have a website you need updating, then we can help, though we don't offer website maintenance services for Flash websites.

Call Helen or Nigel on (403) 621-3747 or email us to discuss your website maintenance needs.