Nigel Fletton

Nigel Fletton

After 28 years working in the software and telecoms industry for BT, Nigel brings his extensive experience in software development and web application development to provide the technical end of the business.

Nigel is a graduate of the University of Durham, where he earned an MSc in computer science.

At Blue Hut Nigel concentrates on:

  • Website and web application development with Python and Django
  • eCommerce
  • System administration

Blue Hut is located in Canmore, so when Nigel is not at his computer he likes to take full advantage of the local sporting opportunities, including cycling (road, off-road, and fat) and downhill skiing.

Helen Fletton

Helen Fletton

Helen has extensive experience liaising with clients across multiple industries. She spent the first 18 years of her career as an engineer working in the water industry designing and project managing water and wastewater treatment projects.

In a major career move she switched from engineering to the IT industry; retrained as a web designer/builder, and worked for a web design company as an account manager liaising with clients on the construction of their websites.

Helen is able to assist clients in maximising the impact of their website content—as well as writing standalone content and articles on almost any subject—backing up her services with the following:

  • Professional Writing Certificate specializing in Business and Technical Writing (University of Calgary)
  • Professional Writing Certificate specializing in Marketing and Public Relations (University of Calgary)
  • Diploma in Freelance Journalism (British College of Journalism)

At Blue Hut Helen concentrates on:

  • Content creation/copywriting services
  • Online marketing including search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Website design, construction, and maintenance
  • Business management

In her spare time Helen enjoys cycling (road, off-road, and fat), running, downhill skiing, and making chainmaille.